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Privacy Policy eSpark Talent

Privacy Policy - eSpark Talent

Privacy Policy

The intended shared policy represents the services, active workforce, and management of eSpark Talent company. In this document, we lay out all the essentials of your personal data collection, usage, and sharing. The policy displays various areas where your offered data is utilized and shared in order to offer the foremost services. Moreover, we cordially inform you about the usage and share of the provided information.
eSpark Talent is a renowned hiring firm that utilizes the offered expertise by professionals through online outsourcing services. The team of diligent employees serves international business clients by offering the demanding skills of outsourced professionals. During the process of collaboration and onboarding, we protect the rights of the users and address you about the legal consent and authorized usage of the personal data.

Collection of Information

Users visiting the website are welcome to explore the services. Hence, we gather the required information regarding the joining through IP addresses, browsing history, or operating systems.
Furthermore, we promote the offered services of the human resource firm. Therefore, assembling the relevant legal data goes well with our process of data collection. Individuals who aim to get hired by companies are required to offer information that is used to find the match for the earned skills. On the other hand, we collect the data of the employer companies to provide authentic information to outsourced professionals. Your shared information is gathered through online logins on the website, collaboration meetings, and the application sign-in process.

Data Usage

Apart from underlining data inclusion fundamentals for our clients who entail our services, we strictly follow the law and respect the rights of the users. The company utilizes the available info of the visitors only to offer a better experience. Moreover, those who intend to avail the assistance may require certain permissions from the company management to access the services. We request to get the needed data of the user by informing through notifications.
Employees applying for the career opportunity are directly communicated with our team, and the entailed information is shared under the consent and acknowledgment of the applicants. Similarly, we care for our users who visit the websites. Therefore, we gather only the required information and use the data to offer on-hand assistance.

Third-Party Involvement

eSpark Talent believes in serving both parties, employees, and employers. This directly highlights the share of the information of both participants. Hence, the specific information of outsourced professional and business companies is shared with third-party individuals. Thus, our company doesn’t share separate information that is not provided to our team. Secondly, eSpark Talent is not responsible for the leak or vial of the personal data of the participants or regular visitors on the websites.
We implement the legalized process of acquiring the information by confirming the authorities about the collection of information through cookies and approval notifications.

Protection of the Data

We restrict any third-party involvement and participation to use your shared data. Hence, data exchange is conducted with the agreeable approval of the employees, employers, and other visitors on the website. We only gather and protect data that is listed after the permission of the users. With various software services, we shield the information of users thus, your data can’t be protected 100%, as users must be responsible for share of their own contributed data.
The sign-in and login entries are also registered in our secured database. We take care of every entry and offer guarding services through various protective tools. We may share the information through internal links and list the data of career opportunistic employees for their onboarding.

Cookies & Tracking Tools

We gather cookies to offer the utmost service by saving the entry data of the users. It is not an essential or the foremost requirement to be agreed on allowing the cookies notification. Hence, the implementation allows users to get access to all pages of the websites. Secondly, users won’t need to provide the same shared info while signing in or visiting the website.
Cookies are for the easy access of the users and tracking tools are employed to enhance the performance of the website. Likewise, we collect data regarding user entries, click rates, and visiting patterns.

Delete of Personal Data

We publicly highlight the required sign-in process that includes the share of information provided by the user. Visitors can delete their cookie entries and mail the management of eSpark Talent to run the deletion process. We welcome users to associate with our team to learn more about the services and acquire the needed information.
The company holds all the rights to publish the content of its official websites. However, it doesn’t become responsible for the misuse of the information that is agreeably provided by the users. We gather the information after the approval of employees, employers, and other visitors on the website. The process of deletion can occur by mailing us on our official email address mentioned in the website contact section

Children’s Privacy

There is a restriction and caution exhibit on the website that doesn’t contain any relevant information that is not affirmatively shared with us. Our privacy policy only addresses 18+ professionals and displays information related to corporate world dynamics. eSpark Talent strictly proscribes children under 13 years old to participate in highlighting sections of the website

Change in Privacy Policy

Any change that may be included in our privacy policy only depends on the company’s management decisions. eSpark Talent holds the right to change or update the current published policy. Moreover, it is not conditional to follow the advice of users, and changes in the policy won’t be implemented as per the requests of users. Visitors are advised to review the document of the updated policy and get updated on current changes in the user experience process